Real, fresh, ice cream.

There is nothing better in the world. And that is why Scooped was created. A place for memories to be made. Somewhere that not only provides an experience, but also providing the best ice cream in the world. It’s made fresh in front of you using only the finest ingredients.

Quality is our biggest focus when making our ice cream. We have found using liquid nitrogen to be the absolute best way to freeze ice cream. The ice cream is fresh and has never sat in a freezer so there is no freezer burn. Most ice creams you purchase are about 50% air because of the freezing and mixing process. Our ice cream has no additional air it in making it more dense and creamy than any other ice cream you have tasted. We can’t wait for you to try it!

The awesome powers of nitrogen

It’s Creamier

Liquid nitrogen, at -320°F, freezes so fast that the cream does not form ice crystals larger than 40 microns. These ice crystals are so small they are imperceptible to humans creating a unique and creamy texture.

No Freezer Burn

Conventional ice cream that is frozen for long periods of time will get layered with ice. Our ice cream is created right in font of you and served fresh so you taste more of the cream and less of the ice!

No fluff

Conventional ice cream you buy at the store has air whipped into the mixture for extended periods of time and then has to be stablized to keep the air bubbles small. Our flash freezing process produces microscopic air bubbles that result in a smooth experience.

It’s Safe

Nitrogen is found everywhere and makes up 78% of the air we breathe and is completely safe. Liquid nitrogen is colorless, odorless and tasteless, making it the perfect way to flash freeze our ice cream.

The Scooped Difference


Variety keeps things interesting, both in life and in ice cream. We offer ice cream cups, waffle tacos, shakes, and floats with a plerethora of flavors and toppings. Don't worry, if you start showing sympomts of decision fatigue, we will offer some helpful suggestions.


Our ice cream is made fresh to order, from scratch, every time. There are no preservatives, freezer requirements, or shelf life. Just our cream mixed with the freshest ingredients to create a luxuriously creamy ice cream.

Vegan & Sugar Free

Our lactose free cream option is mixed with unsweetened almond milk and tastes amazing! We also offer an sugar free option to cater to your dietery needs without compromise of our quality.

Our Mission

Scooped Creamery is partnering financially with the Imani Feeding Center and Imani Boys Home in Morogoro, Tanzania. A portion of your purchase will help provide food, housing, and education for children in need. Thanks for helping us change a life!

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